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”Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”
(Winston Churchill, 1948)

The Veterans Plaza mission is to remind us of what has transpired, the sacrifices that veterans have made, and to cause reflection that will provide a brighter future.

After a year of major planning, efforts are well underway that will more deeply honor men and women military veterans through the building of a newly designed Veterans Plaza. It will be located on the downtown Brunswick, Maine Mall, an expansion on the site that will include the current Veterans Monument.

Planning thus far includes the design of the Plaza that has gained full and formal approval from both the Brunswick Town Council and the Brunswick Village Review Board. The architects for the Plaza are Richardson and Associates, the firm that designed the well-known General Joshua Chamberlain Statue and Memorial.

“This unique design embraces the concept of honoring ALL veterans from ALL Branches of military service,” states David Watson Commander of American Legion Post 20, and a Brunswick Town Councilor, “and it invites everyone to sit, spend time, and be reminded of the efforts of all our military to preserve our freedoms that none of us can ever take for granted. Many people have remarked that a Plaza with this mission is long overdue.”

An organizing committee has been carrying out efforts to secure the funding needed to construct the Plaza. American Legion Post 20 is serving as the fiscal agent for the Plaza Project.

Included in the Plaza will be 445 granite honor blocks to permanently honor men and women veterans, engraved with the name of the honoree, their branch of service, the war/conflict in which they served or the years of their service. For more information contact the Mid-Coast Veterans Resource Center at (207) 406-4103.