Plaza Details

The existing Veterans Monument on the north end of the Brunswick Mall is currently facing the street.

The monument will be turned 180 degrees so the inscriptions will face the green on the mall. Original plants and trees will also be replaced.

The aerial views provide great perspectives of the new layout.

The new plaza will cross over the existing sidewalk inviting people to to come in and explore the monuments dedicated to the 12 major conflicts while viewing names of those men and women who served our nation in both war and peacetime.

This is the revised site plan with an updated Honor Block layout.

The perimeter of the plaza will have twelve Sentinel Posts representing the major conflicts recognized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Each Sentinel Post will feature the name of the conflict etched into the front of granite.

The years of the conflict will be engraved in the chamfered  face along with the embedded bronze medallion associated with the conflict.

The honor blocks will radiate from a two-tone bronze eagle set in a granite surround.